Monday 31 March 2014

March competition

To win one of five copies of Carol Drinkwater's The Only Girl in the World, just answer the question below:

"What is your favourite novel in which the leading character uses music or literature or a painting as a source of inspiration, of courage?"

Answers in the Comments section to this post. Closing date 11th April

Our competitions are limited to UK Followers only - sorry!


  1. Vikram Seth - An Equal Music. (I didn't even have to think twice - I love this book. Even though it's not actually historical!)

  2. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt! Such a fabulous book about a painting (which is now in Bologna)but also about grief and growing up.

  3. I am currently reading the girl with glass feet for a reading group but I am finding the whole book amazing, and one of the main character 'Midas' takes his inspiration from pictures, photographs mainly and is always looking to take a better picture. I know this may not fit the criteria, as it is his own work, but the whole way it is written looking for a picture to next inspire him I am finding very well written.


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