Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Competitition

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"Do you have a soul? If so, where is it?"

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Spade and Dagger said...

I like to think that my soul - my essence - is in all the things that I have created in my lifetime in my little part of the world. Primarily that soul lives on most visibly in the ever expanding activities of my maturing children & day to day in the environment around me as I tend my eco-friendly allotment.

Linda said...

What some might call soul I consider to be that unique part of myself that will remain in the world when I'm gone. The pupils I've encouraged to love languages, memories of happy days with friends and (to a limited extent because I'm not very good!) the art I've created.

Ruan Peat said...

There is so much more in the world than we know and can ever understand, some part of us may be linked to our physical bodies but there is something more. I love the 21 grams theory, and have felt that those no longer here can still touch some part of us. I have felt love and calmness in different situations even when there has been no one there, and found resources to continue when I thought I had none. I hope I live on in memories but my soul is where I am no matter what state my body is in.

Rebel Hand said...

Not in my core, where my gut feelings are; not, perhaps; even in my mind, the signals snapping across synapses - even that's too physical. But it's in what they do; they communicate, and as a human I communicate, with others and with myself, and when I no longer, even unconsciously, tell my heart to beat, or my lungs to breathe, or my thoughts to drift or group themselves, when I'm no longer conscious of the world or myself and don't communicate any more, that's when I die and my soul leaves a silent body.