Thursday 5 January 2017

Six and a Half Magic Hours - Joan Lennon

It's astonishing to think how short a time it's been since the beginning of commercial jet travel. This video extolling the wonder that is the Boeing 707, aka "the magnificent new jet", was made in 1958.  I love the purple prose - the sky is "the vast air ocean" - the plane has "a wing spread that's bigger than the entire distance of the Wright brothers' first flight" and now, we are told, "the travail has been taken out of travel".  We are shown "scenes of living room quiet and relaxation, the mood enhanced by lighting that can be changed from the pale pink of dawn through all the variations to the dark blue of night." I love the optimism of "Jet speeds will help to accomplish one of man's long-sought goals - an easy interchange of peoples throughout the world."  Would I also love having that kind of space and food and general pampering on my next jet flight?  Yes.  Oh my oh my, yes.

Have a watch.  It's historical - and another world ...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that - it seems like a different world.