Wednesday 31 May 2017

May competition

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"What period of history has influenced your life in the way that the Victorian era has made such an impression on Eloise?" Please give reasons.

Closing date 7th June

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Linda said...

I have always loved the Middle Ages, though I confess it's a slightly sanitised, ignore-the-nasty-germs view. It led me to study Medieval French at University, I will happily read books on the period (including the occasional murder mystery!) and I have recently taken up calligraphy so I'll be able, eventually, to produce a satisfactory uncial hand. It's because of all the jewel-like miniatures those early artists painted, the wondrous manuscripts with their illuminated letters and the soaring, magnificent cathedrals: art, energy and craftsmanship shared and dedicated to a common goal.

Catherine Hokin said...

The Wars of the Roses - comes from having a father who was not only a wargamer (in the days of sand tables not consoles) and a member of the Richard III Society. Pretty sure I thought the campaign was still going on until I was about 10. Led to me studying history and the first book. All his fault.Now my American husband has me obsessed with the American Civil War, I am clearly easily led.

Ruan Peat said...

I out read my schools reading scheme, and was let loose on the old shelves from bygone eras, mostly Victorian, the building was also Victorian and if I squinted while daydreaming I was in the past in the Victorian classroom or house.
I wandered my childhood gathering my skirts to go up and down stairs, curtsying and nodding to those around me, much to my fellow pupils puzzlement, I was happy in my day dream world of big dresses and servants :-) until as normally happens reality slipped in the edges, the lack of rights, the information about the state of living and health or the 'normal' folk became more real than the dream of sweeping dresses and ringing for the maid, I still find it fascinating and would love to make or get a full skirted Victorian dress, but I learnt to live in the now :-)

Rie Tetley said...

For me, it was learning about the Tudors at school when I was young. Learning about how different and difficult life was back then for the everyday person taught me never to take modern conveniences for granted, and that the most valuable things in life are often the simplest (family, friendship, etc).