Monday 12 March 2012

Our February competition winners

And the winners are:

The Girl in the Mask
Kit Berry
Astrid Holm
Chloe S

Please contact Jennie Younger ( and give your land address

Sword of Light
Chloe S.
Astrid Holm
Kit Berry

Please contact Nic Wilkinson ( and give your land address



Kit Berry said...

Oh wow!! Thanks so very much - I'll contact them immediately. That's wonderful news and has certainly brightened up a foggy Monday morning! I think maybe I should start to do the lottery (haven't done it in years) as my luck seems to have changed recently. I used to be the person who'd buy strips of raffle tickets and never, ever win anything. But only last month, I actually won two weekend tickets to the marvellous Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall. I kept thinking they'd made a mistake, but they assured me that my names for the three elephants in their new logo had been chosen by Lord St Germans himself. Anyway ... I shall really enjoy reading these new books, and thank you very much, dear History Girls xxx And PS - I really love this blog.

Marie-Louise Jensen said...

You're very welcome, Kit - I hope you enjoy the books.

Astrid Holm said...

The Girl in the mask arrived today and I've read it already! It's now my favourite book of yours. My 11 year old daughter is now reading it and only time will tell if sophia can knock 'The lady in the tower off her Marie-Louise Jenson top spot!
She just came in and asked me very indignantly, "Sophia's father couldn't really treat her like that, could he?"
"Oh yes," I replied, "women were just regarded as property in those days."
She was suitably shocked"

Many thanks!

Marie-Louise Jensen said...

That's just brilliant to hear, Astrid! Thank you!
It is really hard to believe how badly women have been treated through the ages, and a very good sign that today's girls are shocked and indignant!