Saturday 26 November 2011


This is an exposure of what the History Girls get up to when they’re not writing! Yesterday about eleven of us stepped through the front door into the marvellous space, texture and light of No. 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London like welcome guests at someone’s private home. Later in the day we were REAL guests in a home equally filled with the most marvellous space, texture and light… but a 21st century one.

A 'proper' version of our visit to the John Soane Museum will be written up by Linda Buckley-Archer in her post on the 2nd Dec. But herewith is a 'graphic' account of the rest of the day. We met at Michelle Lovric’s wonderful Thames-side home for what can only be described as a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach... and a ‘posh’ jumble sale… all proceeds to go to an orphanage in Kenya that looks after AIDS orphans with disabilities called, By Grace.

a quick ride across town.

Kath opening the bubbly

Michelle giving it a quick stir

clothes to browse
Nicky finds a Max Mara dress
(I didn't catch her in her werewolf leather jeans!)
Kath still looking

Celia and Mary happy with their purchases
Adele and Mary
Linda, Barbara and Kath

Mary and Celia

Louisa, Emma and Barbara
Congratulations to Louisa for making the short-list on the Costa for her novel My Dear I Wanted to Tell You and to Barbara for being on the long-list for the Carnegie with her novel Run, Rabbit, Run.
la dolce vita - mille grazie Michelle!


Penny Dolan said...

Thank you for sharing this, Dianne. Sad not to join you all - too far, plus the house suddenly too full of cold - but glad to hear news of the History Girls happy time.

Essie Fox said...

What lovely pictures.

adele said...

Super pictures, Dianne! Thanks so much for being such a good reporter!
That food looks wonderful all over again!

Katherine Langrish said...

Lovely pictures Dianne! Didn't we have fun!

Emma Darwin said...

Lovely pictures - it was fun, wasn't it. And so lovely to meet all these people who I've only really known as avatars up to now!

It occurred to me this morning that the museumy bits of the Soane house have a certain jumble-sale quality in themselves... Anyone want a Greek Foot, or a medieval curlicue?

Linda B-A said...

Thanks, Di. Lovely pictures and a lovely day. Thank you to Michelle for her truly magnificent hospitality. As Di mentions, I'll be putting up a post about the John Soanes Museum on the 2nd.

Emma Darwin said...

And thanks to Linda for organising it all, as well as Michelle for hospitality (those onion tarts!) and Di for lovely pictures.

Dianne Hofmeyr said...

Yes, thank you Linda and Michelle. A really memorable day! Much more fun viewing the Museum with the History Girls than on one's own and am delighted with my purchases!

Beck Valley Books said...

Hi I have just found your blog via the book review I have just done for VIII by HM Castor. Now following you, hoping you would like to follow me back at thks in advance xx

Barbara Mitchelhill said...

I've just got back after a weekend away following the John Soane Museum visit and it was so good to read the blog. Fantastic photos to remember such a wonderful day. Thanks to Michelle for the glorious lunch which finished the day perfectly.

Leslie Wilson said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I wish I'd been there to see you all and visit the house, but grandmotherly duty called. I'd have been green with envy about the macaroons, too, if my daughter hadn't been to Paris last weekend and returned with boxes for her sister and her parents, from Laduree.. hope next time I can come.