Friday 31 July 2015

July competition

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"Which monarch  do you think has been unfairly neglected in literature until now?"

Good luck!

Closing date 7th August


Jo Bell said...

Henry VII. Dynasty-builder, political hardballer, and apparently lecherous and avaricious too. What more do you want in a central character? The novelists understandably have concentrated on his psychopathic wife-killing son instead. Let's have a good solid novel about the first Tudor.

Marjorie said...

Henry IV. I know Shakespeare wrote abut him so it's hard to say he has been neglected, exactly, but his journey from exile to King, and the fact that he wasn't brought up to become King, but clearly was very successful in getting and keeping the throne, could be fascinating.

Or as a second choice, if Henry IV is too un-neglected, then Henry VI, for the opposite reasons, he seems to have been singularly unfitted for life as a medieval king, and must have suffered from the weight of expectation upon him, and the stress of being caught between his wife and his uncle's ambitions.

Anonymous said...

George VI - I know a couple of years ago with had The King's Speech but I feel that George VI has been unfairly neglected in literature until now. The reason I feel this is because a lot of events took place during George's life such as his speech problem, having to become king due to his older brother giving the throne up, having to bring his country through a war and having to deal with the problems that war brought and the effects of it once it was over.

My second choice would have to be George's Mother Queen Mary - Again like her son she also went through a lot of turmoil in her younger years and also she helped her husband George V through a War as well and also Queen Mary had to deal with the effects of her eldest son giving the throne up too.

Alison Scott said...

It's gotta be Queen Anne -- deeply neglected by historians and dramatists, but ruled successfully for a long time.

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