Monday, 31 July 2017

July competition

To win a copy of Clare Mulley's The Women who Flew for Hitler, just answer this question in the Comments below.

"How best should we tell stories from the 'wrong side' of history?"

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Closing date 7th August

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catdownunder said...

I can't enter the competition but I would say "as honestly as possible"
but it is very hard to write the history of "the other side" without our own beliefs colouring it.

AnnP said...

We need to learn from books about all important historical figures whether we now consider them to be on the "right" or "wrong" side. Or should that be "winning" side. I think it is also important to have books about courageous men and women whichever side they fought for. It is of course very difficult for the author who, while being honest and factual, must discuss to what extent the subject's beliefs were due to place and family background or to personal convictions. It is a very complex issue perhaps particularly with regard to WW2 as it is quite recent for anyone affected by Nazi atrocities. That doesn't mean that these stories shouldn't be told, just that they it must be done sensitively.

Ruan Peat said...

the old adage of the winner writes history needs to be more wildly taught, both side of any war have people who believe they are right or are doing it for the betterment of 'all'
I grew up with cousins of my parents, one as an army man in Northern Ireland, the other side of the family had cousins listed on the most wanted lists as IRA supporters. The whole topic was not really discussed in depth in my childhood but it wasn't ignored, I knew about the details and did research more, as I grew up. Both sides have to be heard or we are in danger of repeating or worse how it starts.
I am reading a book about the politics and business developments that went into the second world war. The use of language and the polarization of the German people is similar to some of the language used in the mass media and politics at the moment and makes for very uncomfortable reading!
Peoples Voices need to be heard, but we need to hear from the past as much as the present to allow us to make better judgements as individuals.

Unknown said...

As best we Can, devoid of propaganda and a tribute to the courage shown in difficult times when not only patriosm is at stake but self preservation, we need to keep alive the complex truths of such times.
Nigel Jones