Tuesday 31 October 2017

October Competition

To win a copy of Alan Gibbons' YA novel about women in the Russian revolution, just answer the question below in the Comments section.

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"Who is your favourite radical, revolutionary or rebellious figure in history, and why?"

 Closing date: November 7th

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Ruan Peat said...

It would have to choose between Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks, one fought for women's right and the other for human rights. Both did what was right and not what was easy, I think I must chose Rosa Parks for standing up to people seeming alone, on a bus surrounded by folk who believed she was in the wrong, and calmly carrying on. The images of her sitting gazing out the window surrounded by hate and just calmly letting it wash over her. Amazing.

Michelle Ann said...

I think I would choose Florence Nightingale. I particularly admire the fact she was a non-aggressive revolutionary. She got trained in nursing in Germany when no respectable woman in England nursed; She took a group of nurses to the Crimea in spite of doctors' opposition, and waited until they found they needed her; on her return she revolutionised nursing training; because of her experiences she became involved with army reform; and as a little extra she was a pioneer of statistics, which included inventing the pie chart. All radical, revolutionary and rebellious in a quiet but effective way.