Wednesday 31 October 2018

October competition

To win a copy of Cynthia Jefferies' The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan, just answer the question below in the Comments section:

"Which character from a book you enjoyed as a child would you like to see in adult fiction, written as an adult or a child?"

Then send a copy of your answer to, so that we can contact you if you win.

Closing date 7th November

We are sorry that our competitions are open to UK Followers only.

Good luck! 



Ruan Peat said...

I loved reading the Dark is Rising series as a child (long before Rowling I was waiting for contact on my 11 birthday to say I was special) I would love to meet WIll Stanton as an adult, we follow his growth from nearly 11 until he gets to the end of his adventures about 13 or so, with a whole new outlook on the world. His mentor was an Oxford don character and I always thought that Will would end up in a similar situation. But I always wondered!

Unknown said...

Definitely Maria from The little white horse!She is such a modern character and I would I've to see how she coped with ten children.

Ele Channer said...

I would love to see how 'My naughty little sister' by Dorethy Edwards turned out as a teenager and a young adult, or perhaps when she started having children of her own!

Martin Clark said...

I would like to see if William Brown (Just William) by Richmall Crompton was as naughty an adult as he was a child!

Mary Hoffman said...

Martin, can you let us know your email address?