Tuesday 30 April 2019

April Competition

To win a copy of Jake Lynch's Blood on the Stone (see yesterday's guest post) just answer the following question in Comments:

“What howlers, anachronisms such as the ones Jake avoided, have you found in a published book?”
Then email your answer to me at maryhoffman@maryhoffman.co.uk so I can get in touch with you in you win.

Closing date 7th May

We are sorry our competitions are open only to UK Followers


Ruan Peat said...

My pet hates are books set in the UK which are full of American spellings, it is hard enough driving past the Plumb Center! but I find spellings from the wrong place very very annoying! Not in the same level I know but more of a background constant annoyance, Chinese torture!

AnnP said...

I have to admit that I often do not notice what I would call minor anachronisms. On occasions after I've read a book I've read a review which refers to a telescope being mentioned before they were invented or tea and potatoes in England earlier than was possible. I might think that the author should have done a bit more research but it wouldn't change my view of the book. What does spoil a book for me is when more modern ideas, theories, views are used than would have been around at that time. You see this particularly when comparing fiction written during WW2 with some recent novels set during the same period.