Monday 30 June 2014

June Competition

Are competitions are open only to UK residents - sorry!

We have five copies of The Lion of Sole Bay to give away to those who answer this question:

"What is your favourite novel about any battle at sea – whether historical or invented?"

Leave your answers in the Comments below and remember also to send them to me at so I can have email addresses for contacting the winners.

Closing date 7th July


Ruan Peat said...

My favorite sea battle is a small battle, but a great book, The riddle of the sands by Erskin Childers. true boat life and great suspense and running and hiding while getting away and safe! fab book to read on a boat or anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Riddle of the Sands was also the first novel that came to mind.
A gripping cat and mouse between a David and Goliath as the small sail boat tries to out manouevre a powerful vessel.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat.

Clare Mulley said...

Can I put in Naomi Novik's 'Temeraire', which sees Napoleonic naval battles fought with a squadron of dragons? Not quite Monsarrat, but pleasing too.

Linda said...

There's a wonderful sea battle in Sam Gayton's The Snow Merchant, where a ship made from someone's grandma grows wings to escape but is caught by a harpoon. Crazy but extremely readable!