Tuesday 1 July 2014

Now we are three! by Mary Hoffman

Answers to our photos at three are now on the Competitions Page

It's the History Girls' blog's third birthday today! Unbelievable. And what a three years it has been. HGs have come and gone since July 1st 2011, we have had weddings, widowings, babies born and even a book: Daughters of Time was published in March this year.

Of course we have had many individual books published in that time too (nine in my case) and as individuals have had all kinds of triumphs in terms of travels, prizes and other recognition.

We have had nearly a million hits and now have more in the US than in the UK (even over 4,000 in the Ukraine).

So today is one for celebration and we are having a party. Crack open the Prosecco and cut the cake (GF for me) and join us in a fun party game.

Wikimedia Commons. Credit: Agne27

Match the HG to her three-year-old self:

Some of us have braved putting pictures up of ourselves aged three. Some are in black and white but this isn't a clue! The first three Followers to match all of the following to their younger selves will receive signed books from us. Send your answers to: readers@maryhoffman.co.uk Do remember to check on the Competitions page on 8th July for the answers and to see if you were right. To make it a bit easier, we've linked the names to the History Girls' websites.

1. Carol Drinkwater
2. Katherine Langrish
3. Katherine Roberts
4. Louisa Young
5. Mary Hoffman
6. Michelle Lovric
7. Liz Fremantle
8. Ruth Eastham
9. Caroline Lawrence
10. Joan Lennon
11. Eleanor Updale
12. Clare Mulley
13. Sue Purkiss
14. Laurie Graham
15. Imogen Robertson 
16. Catherine Johnson
17. Kate Lord Brown
18. Elizabeth Chadwick
19. Tanya Landman
20. Eve Edwards

Photo A

Photo B (the dog is not a History Girl)
Photo C
Photo D

Photo E (the doll is not a History Girl)
Photo F (an appropriately placed HG

Photo G
Photo H

Photo I
Photo J
Photo K
Photo L (History Girl + dad)
Photo M (No kittens were harmed in the production of this picture)
Photo N
Photo O

Photo P (a specially hard one!)

Photo Q
Photo R
Photo S (with lovely grandma)
Photo T

We hope you enjoy the party and do leave us a birthday message.


Sue Purkiss said...

'Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us...'

Pippa Goodhart said...

What fun! I instantly spotted Kath and Carol and Catherine, but haven't time, bother it, to ponder them all and join in with the competition. But Happy Birthday and Well Done to all at History Girl Towers!

adele said...

A very happy birthday to us, and thanks to all my Fellow History girls for much interesting reading. I cannot begin to guess at the photos. I am clearly not good at this kind of thing....but look forward to reading the results. Towards the next birthday. I will raisee a cup of ginger and lemon tea in a minute and may even get myself a biscuit to celebrate!

Susan Price said...

A very happy third birthday, History Girls, from the Authors Electric - who, come to think of it, must also be about three.

HG is the most fantastic blog, and I always read it. May you long continue!

I think photo A is Kath Langrish, and I deeply suspect that photo P, the little red headed girl gazing romantically out to sea, is Kath Roberts... I have suspicions about others, but not strong enough to say.

Best wishes from Authors Electric - http://authorselectric.blogspot.co.uk/

Carol Drinkwater said...

What fun! Happy Birthday to us although I feel I can hardly claim 'us' as I am only a few days beyond my first post for HG. I LOVE the photos and especially the one with her back to the camera. A shy HG? Is that a clue?
Prosecco for some, champagne here in France.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Ladies!
Carol xx

Caroline Lawrence said...

Aw! We're all so CUTE! Happy Birthday to us and to fab Mary Hoffman who put this blog together three years ago.

P.S. I am raising a glass of sparkling Ribena to you all!

Clare Mulley said...

OK, the only one I thought I knew was k as Leslie Wilson, but Leslie's hat is not in the ring! Yes, thank you to May, and thank you all for the blogs which I love and learn from, Salut!

michelle lovric said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to us!
Look forward to growing old with all the History Girls.

Sparkling elderflower and a Beecham's tablet being raised here.

Penny Dolan said...

Happy, happy birthday to all of you lovely History Girls!

michelle lovric said...

Is J Sue Purkiss or Eve Edwards?
And I think Laurie Graham is O.???

michelle lovric said...

And I think S is Imogen, and C might be Eleanor?

maryom said...

happy Birthday to you all :)

Anabel Marsh said...

Happy birthday everyone - I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, History Girls! My connection is dodgy at the moment so pictures aren't loading properly or I'd join in. I'm so glad I found you and enjoy all your posts tremendously. Have fun!

Meredith said...

Mazel tov, felicidades, and happy birthday!

Pippa Goodhart said...

A Kath Langrish
C Carol Drinkwater
D Catherine Johnson
f Mary Hoffman
G Michelle Lovric
K Caroline Lawrence

Linda said...

Happy birthday, History Girls!

madwippitt said...

Could that possibly be Joan Lennon in pic B?

Petrea Burchard said...

I'm sorry I missed the party yesterday! Thank you all so much for bringing us The History Girls.

Joan Lennon said...

Ooooo - I know! I know! - Sue Purkiss is E - the one with the scary doll!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your 3rd birthday!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Happy birthday to all the HGs - what a bunch of cuties!

Katherine Roberts said...

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday, dear HG's!

Loving the photos... at least two of you are wrong about mine, and I don't know where to start with everyone else, but surely Caroline Lawrence has to be K??!