Sunday 31 December 2017

December Competition

To enter our December competition, just answer this question in the Comments section below:

"What's your own favourite personal Christmas tradition?" (The quirkier and more specific to your family the better!)

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Closing date: 14th January, to give you time to recover from your own Christmas.

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Good luck!



Michelle Ann said...

Like many families today, mine all live in different towns, but we all try and get together at my sister's on Boxing Day. It can be difficult to entertain all ages all day, and we have found that an evening quiz works well, with mixed-age teams. At first I did it on Christmas themes, but now it's more general knowledge. If I win this prize, it may be another Christmas quiz next year!

Sukebind said...

I collect winged animals for my Christmas tree. It started with a winged sheep soon after I first got married and had my own tree. Now I have a whole menagerie of winged animals including a guinea pig, a jackalope, an elephant, a fox and a cow. Each year I try to add a new animal and my family have all started to keep an eye open for new additions for me.

Linda said...

I like to make a new decoration for Christmas each year. One year it was a whole row of choristers for the table (yogurt pots, doilies etc) and another it was papier mache snowmen filled with sweets for a group I volunteer with. This year was one of the most frustrating: various sizes of stars to hang in the window, with coloured cellophane centres so there's a stained-glass effect. Much more fiddly to put together than I expected. I always promise myself I'll do something easier next time, but come December it will be the finished result, not the glue-up-to-the-elbows I'll remember.

Ruan Peat said...

We used to have a Christmas eve present, was not allowed to be a family one or big but we could choose a strange shape or a rattle or just knew they give good gifts and we opened one before we went to bed on the Christmas eve, we also had stockings for the children's beds, mine are all adults now and getting to stay in bed is much more important now! one child even had to work on Christmas day this year, so we opened gifts at 6pm this year but we have many years of the eve gift and the stockings to bring back once they have little ones (but not yet not wanting any granny points yet!)