Thursday 31 May 2018

May Competition

To win a copy of Liz Fremantle's The Poison Bed, just answer this question in the Comments section below:

"Many famous and infamous people have died in the Tower of London, often in mysterious circumstances. About which death would you most like to know the truth?"

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Closing date: 15th June

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AnnP said...

I'm afraid I'm going to go for the obvious answer here which is the death of the two princes, Edward V and Richard, Duke of York. I'd really like to know the truth about their murder and the role (if any) played in it by Richard 111.

Ruan Peat said...

oh beaten to the punch, after discovering Josephine Tey as an early teen I grabbed The Daughter of Time with both hands, I had studied Richard the Third in English literature and was really taken by the dichotomy of the two points of view, the differences that I could not reconcile, I went as far as History A'Level to try and learn more to study this issue. I was devastated when I realised that Josephine's book was more of a fiction, while Shakespeare's was a political commentary on the winners and not the reality. somewhere between these views is the truth, but I could never find enough to tip it one way or another. If I could see the truth os the princes in the tower, know if it was a safe haven or a prison? The differences in society and basic assumptions make the past another country to us now, but I would like to know about the Princes.

Linda said...

It's Henry VI that intrigues me. To be treated, for a time at least, as a saint after his death seems to us bizarre, including the fact that his hat was said to cure migraines. Folk belief, or propaganda? And did he die, as the official reports claim, of melancholy, or was it that blow to the back of the head? Most interestingly, Who carried out the wicked deed, and how did they feel later when people began to call him a saint and a martyr?