Tuesday 5 February 2019

Art 1919 - Joan Lennon

Two thousand years ago, Horace wrote "A picture is a poem without words."  Here are a few of those poems from one hundred years ago, as various and as vivid as if they had been painted yesterday, by artists who had just lived through WWI.

Edward Wadsworth Dazzle-ships in Drydock at Liverpool (UK)

J.E.H. MacDonald Leaves in the Brook (Canada)

Max Ernst Aquis Submersus (Germany)

Elioth Gruner Spring Frost (Australia)

Hasui Kawase Tokyo, 12 Dai: Komatogashi (Japan)

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Michelle Ann said...

Wonderful! I do hope you can post some more.

abigail brieson said...

Those are beautiful. I love 'Leaves in the Brook'; and 'Dazzle Ships' is alive with movement!

Ann Turnbull said...

I love all these - thank you, Joan!

Joan Lennon said...

Thanks Michelle, Abigail and Ann! I've had Leaves in the Brook on my wall for years and still get pleasure from it!