Friday 30 June 2017

June competition

To win a copy of Should you ask me by Marianne Kavanagh, just answer the following question in the Comments section below:

"Which other fictional elderly characters tell stories that are intended to muddy the waters, and do they succeed?"

Then send your answer to, so that I can contact you if you win.

Closing date 7th July

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Linda said...

Oooh, this one's hard! Need to sit down and really think about it . . .

Ruan Peat said...

My first thought is in the scarlet pimpernel when the facade of the fop hides the cunning and clever pimpernel, muddying the waters of who and what he is, but he is not elderly! I then thought of Linnets and Valerian's by Elizabeth Goudge and Emma Cobley, the witch trying to keep all the people ensnared. I also loved the Dark is Rising series and how the walker/Hawkin is led astray and how Merriman just watched it happen. Generally I tend to find characters who muddy the waters are younger than older but there are a few. I was brought up (brunkt up) in Devon, lived in London for a number of years surrounded by different cultures and languages and now live in Scotland in an area where dialect is supported and promoted (no letter J here it is a CH sound, chacket, chuice etc) I believe that shakespere spoken is closer to the west country dialect than the current startford sound. I look forward to reading the dialect of Dorzet!