Friday 5 July 2013

A Historical Document - Joan Lennon

In 1964 David Hoffman was in the Appalachian Bluegrass country making a TV film about mountain music and dancing.  Well, they rolled back the carpet and showed him!  

When I first decided to post this, I thought about adding a comparison to the balls in Jane Austen, or starting a discussion about how far into the past you need to go before you can technically call something "history",* or perhaps introducing a commentary on the regular recurrence of pointy shoes for men.  But that's not what this historical document is about.  

Sit back and enjoy.  Or better yet, get up and join in!

* I've gone back and checked our own A.L. Berridge's post and in fact it's a year shy of the magic number, which is 50 years.  So, not exactly what it says on the tin, but never mind.

[Here is the link, if the video is reluctant to load.]

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Efrogwraig said...

Thank you, that was absolutely gorgeous!

Mary Hoffman said...

Very enjoyable! I especially liked the Jesse Eisenberg lookalike, the older woman dancing with her glasses in her hand and the way it was for all ages.

joanna hickson said...

Brilliant post! Made my coffee break this morning!

Joan Lennon said...

Thanks for your comments -I'm glad you enjoyed it - all those faces, feet, stories!

Sue Purkiss said...

And most of them didn't even seem to be wearing clogs!

GSGreatEscaper said...

You can't tell me that isn't Irish dancing!

I miss the days when American children were so clean and neat.

N. B. - the Henley shirts on two of the boys - that British invasion influence was already there!