Saturday 31 March 2018

March competition

To win a copy of Elise Valmorbida's Madonna of the Mountains, just answer this question in the Comments section below:

"What is the most powerful truth you have found in a work of historical fiction?"
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Closing date: 7th April

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Ruan Peat said...

I spent a fairly miserable childhood, I now know I am autstic but couldn't work out why I didn't fit in as a child. I was bullied and ignored by my peers at various times, I didn't see the ones around me who could help or who were like me, and spent a while thinking how revenge would be amazing. Then I read Alexander Dumas' "Count of Monte Cristo", where he does get revenge, and puts folk in their place and wins and walks away head held high. but I found from this book that the better revenge was more to do with living well and moving on, that to allow revenge to be come the focus is not good for you. This was a relevation to me, a way forward, a way to walk on and not look back. I have lived my life well and am happy, even now if I have problems I let the idea of Karma take over. Revenge is a dish not bothered by be served at all!

AnnP said...

At my school History was taught very badly and was boring. For "O" levels we studied the nineteenth century but just as a list of Prime Ministers and the acts that were passed. I don't remember Queen Victoria being mentioned. Then I started to read Jean Plaidy's books - it wasn't an historical truth as such that I found but the truth that history is the most fascinating and enjoyable subject. I've loved historical fiction ever since.