Sunday 8 December 2013

November competition winners

The winners of copies of Lydia Syson's book, That Burning Summer, are as follows:

Pippa Goodhart
Ruan Peat
Spade & Dagger

Your copies will come to you from Megan Farr at Hot Key, so can you please email her at:



Pippa Goodhart said...

Oo, thank you so much! My 98 year old aunt worked for Reuters and got engaged on the day war was declared because she knew what was coming. She lived much of her life in Lydd on Romney Marsh. I will pass the book on to her once I've enjoyed it.

Linda said...

Oh, that's excellent! I was just discussing this book with a friend the other day, and to win a copy is great news. Thank you, I look forward to reading it.


Spade and Dagger said...

Thank you very much - I'm really looking forward to a good read.